Exhibit Space

For a complete floorplan of the Exhibit Hall within the Doubletree Hotel, please click here.

Information for Exhibitors

  • Single Booth

    10 x 10 booth – Commercial       $750
    10×10 booth – Non-profit           $500

    Single booth (10 x 10) includes 1 registration

  • Double Booth

    20 x 10 booth – Commercial       $1,500
    20×10 booth – Non-profit           $1,000

    Double booth includes 2 registrations

 Each Booth Includes:

  • 10’wide x 10′ deep Pipe & Drape Booth Structure
  • One 6′ Skirted Table and Two Chairs
  • One 500w/110v Electrical Power Source
  • One Company Booth ID Sign

EXHIBITOR SERVICES:  RMS-AAPG has selected K&J Convention Services, LLC, as the official Exhibit Services, Freight and Electrical Contractor for this show.  The Exhibit Service Kit, which includes show specific information regarding shipping to the show, ordering additional booth furnishings, and other services will be online at www.kjconventions.com/AAPG in mid-April.  You will also receive email and snail mail notices from K&J when the Service Kit becomes available for download.  If you need additional information before April, or if you have any questions regarding their services, please contact them directly.  Be sure to reference that you are an exhibitor at the AAPG Show in Billings.

            K&J Convention Services | 406-442-3238  |  Email:  [email protected]
            Exhibit Service Kit online in Early April:   www.kjconventions.com/aapg

SHIPPING TO THE SHOW:  If you will be shipping your materials/booth furnishings/collateral to the show, K&J will be handling all incoming shipments.  Do not ship directly to the hotel — the hotel has not been contracted to receive or store your freight.  K&J will receive all sizes and types of materials – including boxed, skidded, crates, etc.  All items will be received up to 30 days in advance of the show at their secure warehouse, stored, and transferred directly to your booth for vendor setup. They will also be sure your shipments get back to your carrier after the show.  Materials handling and shipping instructions/address/deadlines will be in the Exhibit Service Kit.

BOOTH FURNISHINGS & ELECTRICAL:   K&J also is coordinating the setup of booth furnishings, etc for this show.  K&J offers a full line of furnishing options should you need any additional items for your booth.  K&J also offers “Table Upgrades” – you can upgrade the 6′ table in your booth to a different height or length table in advance setup.  This is great option if you need a larger or smaller table –or if you prefer tall counters.  They also offer a full line of affordable furnishings rental: including round bistros, padded chairs, tall chairs, literature racks, and various sizes of flatscreen monitors.  If you have special electrical connections or need more than 500watts to run your booth equipment, they will assist you as well.  Detailed ordering information will be included in the Exhibit Service Kit.

PAYMENT:  To reserve a booth, call or email Duncan McBane. To pay for the booth, please send a check to ‘RMS-AAPG 2017’, P.O. Box 844, Billings, MT, 59103, or, if you wish to use a credit card, contact Doretta Brush (Ballard Petroleum) directly at 406-281-8228 and provide payment information over the phone. She will provide an email receipt.